10 Types of Bathroom People: As Told By Animals

There’s some frustrating types of people you may have to share a bathroom with. You might even be one of them.

But can you spot them in this list? And more importantly, which one are you?!

toilet sign

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GIVEAWAY: iDuck Bathroom Radio and Speakers

Here, at CheapSuites, we love nothing more than an exciting and exhilarating bathing (or showering) experience and that’s why we’ve decided to give you lovely readers the same.

If bath-time is getting a little boring then look no further because we are here to help!

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30 Bathroom Hacks You Need to Know Right Now

Every now and again, a friend comes over and tells you this really strange hack that actually works:

‘When you’re cooking, put the wooden spoon in the hole of the pan handle

Place a rubber band around an open tin of paint to wipe your paintbrush’

‘To heat two bowls in one microwave, stand one on an upside-down cup

Freeze grapes to chill white wine without watering it down’

It blows your mind… you can’t believe you didn’t think of it… you wonder if everybody knows and then you wonder how they even managed to figure it out.

We’ve all been there.

Well, prepare to impress your friends because we’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest bathroom hacks you need to know right now. Bathroom trips will never be the same!


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Top 10 Shower Songs You Should Be Singing This December

Have you ever experienced it, when you’re having a bath/shower, minding your own business, submerging yourself in another world, daydreaming about winning the lottery when all of a sudden you hear a grotesque singing noise?

This monstrous, screeching, shrieking, shrill voice…

woman singing in the shower

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Halloween Bathroom: Your Essential Howl-To

So you want to decorate your bathroom for Halloween? Maybe it’s for the kids or you’re throwing a party. Heck, you might even be doing it to give yourself a fright-night! While we always remember to decorate the garden and living room, the bathroom usually gets overlooked.


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Country Style Bathrooms – Six Design Ideas

Country style bathrooms are all about creating a relaxed, laid-back look and feel, and a space where you can truly relax after a long day. In this blog we share six country style bathroom ideas that are sure to inspire you.

Create a focal point

traditional bathroom

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10 Interesting Toilet Facts

We all have at least one toilet in our home, and we all want to keep it clean, but sometimes you’ve just got to see the funny side of this necessity that’s taken for granted. In this blog we share 10 of the best interesting toilet facts that are sure to give you something to think about next time you’re tackling the limescale and bacteria!

Toilet facts

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Seven Ways to Save Water in the Bathroom

There are plenty of ways to save water in the bathroom, from switching the tap off when brushing your teeth to having a shower instead of a bath, so follow these tips to save money and energy.

Saving water in the shower


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Bathroom Colour Schemes – Five of the Best

The bathroom is one of the few places where you can escape and unwind, and choosing the right bathroom colour scheme is essential for creating a relaxing ambience. In this blog we share five of the best bathroom colour schemes, as well as some useful tips and tricks that are sure to inspire you.

bathroom colour schemes

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Essential Guide to Bathroom Lighting

Even though the bathroom is the smallest room in your home, the lighting still requires careful consideration and attention to detail. As with other rooms around your home, the bathroom needs a mixture of task, mood and feature lighting to help bring it to life, as well as to help create a sense of calm and relaxation.


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